Clean Air and Containment Review (CACR) Issue 51

Clean Air and Containment Review  ( CACR )

2024 Number Two - Issue 51 - ISSN 2042 - 3268

  • Classification of Air Cleanliness By Particle Concentration According To Iso 14644-1

  • The d50 Cut-off Size of Microbiological İmpaction Air Samplers: Derivation of Simplified Expressions

  • Selection of Microbiological Swabs For Cleanroom Monitoring: Design Considerations

  • Pharma 4.0tm And How it İmpacts Eu Gmp Annex 1 Ccs (Contamination Control Strategy)

  • Understanding The Route To Compliance With Eu Gmp Annex 15: Qualification And Validation


>> Special Edition for Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey Members

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