Clean Air and Containment Review (CACR) Issue 46

Issue 46
2021 Number Two
ISSN 2042-3268

  • COP 26
  • Cleanroom Testing and Monitoring - Chapter 1
  • Choosing particle sample point locations
  • Known Knowns and COVID mitigation
  • Continuous environmental monitoring (EM) and Annex 1
  • Cleanroom Technology Conference 2021


  • Cherwell appoints ANT Medikal as Redipor® prepared media distributor in Turkey.
  • Pharminox installs fluid transfer ports for Valneva
  • Envair Technology opens new facility in Heywood UK
  • EECO2 identifies energy and cost-saving opportunities overlooked in heating systems
  • Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) announces the new PRO Series of Contamination Control Instruments for viable and non-viable, remote and portable monitoring
  • Validair supplies Airborne Particle Counter for the study of soil from Mars
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