13 Nisan 2022

Product Cleanlines

ICCCS  50. Years Webinars

As a part of 50th year anniversary of International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies (ICCCS) and International Contamination Control Symposium (ISCC’2022), contamination control webinars will be open to all industry professionals.

Second webinar will be hosted by VCCN.

The webinar, titled “Product Cleanliness” will be online on the symposium platform Deal Room Events, moderated by Frans Saurwalt.

Contamination Control 2050

By  Eric Stuiver (Deerns) and Christopher Perry (Vakwerk Architecten)

  • World needs Contamination Control
  • Science & Technology Trends
  • Facility impacts
  • Effects on the Dutch value chain
  • Outlook and …

Ultra-clean vacuum, the right level at the right location

by Freek Molkenboer, TNO

Vacuum cleanliness has become very important in several applications. With this cleanliness requirements and the cost of production have increased significantly.

This presentation will explain with examples from the field why the right cleanliness level at the right location is needed, and applying the right level at the right location can save cost.

Particle deposition rate key to Contamination Control<
By Koos Agricola,

Contamination Control is about managing the accepted amount of particles and/or chemical (molecular) contamination on functional surfaces. With respect to particles and microbe carrying particles most harm is done by macroparticles to products and processes in cleanrooms where personnel is present. Therefore the control of particles > 5 um is key. Limits for particle deposition rate levels should be set to control surface contamination by airborne particles and contact transfer.  Monitoring the particle deposition rate provides essential insight to manage the clean room operations.

You can watch the previous webinars on Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey's YouTube channel.