International Symposium on Contaminatıon Control 2022
11-13 Ekim 2022

The symposium which is organized by the Cleanroom Technologies Society of Turkey, the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies (ICCCS) and Akdeniz Tanıtım, will host ISO TC 209 delegates from 23 member countries developing ISO 14644 standards and is giving its attendees the opportunity to get the first hand information about the future of these standarts. This event also has the characteristic of being the first ever annual ICCCS CoD meetings and board of directors meeting that takes place in Turkey.

ISCC’22 Antalya is leading the ICCCS’s 50th Year Anniversary Events..

ICCCS, which has been established on a symposium, is celebrating its’ 50th year anniversary with special events within ISCC2022. The celebration events, which will be crowned with ISCC’22 in October at Antalya, will take place throughout the year with webinars, 50th year exclusive technical papers and various events.

50 Years – 50 Young Professionals

As part of ISCC2022, with the “50 Young Professionals” project, newly involved sector professionals from every age group will have the chance to attend the ISCC2022 events as well as the ICCCS Accredited Course and trainings created for them. These sector professionals which will be informed about the ICCCS procedures and committees, are aimed to be candidates for the critical positions in the ICCCS organization.

ISCC’22 Presentation Topics

ISCC’22, which is an open event for field professionals from the 5 continents, will allow its’ delegates to attend with notices, verbal presentations, and posters. Main presentation topics are;

  • Standards and regulations
  • Health
  • Facilities
  • Life sciences
  • Science and research
  • Electronics and semiconductors
  • Food and drinks.

Meetings and presentations will be in English and during the symposium, international level networking and one-on-one meetings will be possible between the delegates and attendees.